Integrated quality system

How to divide labor and how powerful?

It is the world's most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform that provides more than 200 functions through the Global Information Center.

Amazon (AWS)

Software as a Service

It is a fully hosted cloud service that converts text smooth into voice using deep learning technology. 29 languages and 59 kinds of sounds.

Amazon Polly

text to voice

WordPress Is currently the most popular content management system. All over the world more than 33% websites are built using WordPress.


Content Management System

Podcasts is a player APP developed by Apple for playing podcasts in the iTunes Store. Apply to IOS、IPadOS、TvOS、WatchOS、MacOS system.

Apple Padcasts

Player APP

AI Podcaster

How to do not affect the source website, quickly send the Podcast Episodes?

Subscribe to the source website

Synchronous Source Website RSS. Used Newsletter, Email, API upload script.

Create Draft

Scripts translated by language, in language conversion, add advertising language ... etc.

Review and Upload

The editor confirms the script, the breathing point, and the release is uploaded to the AWS Polly operation.

AI Podcaster upload episode

When post updated, each Podcast platform immediately sends a program update message.
ex: Apple、Spotify、google、KKBOX...


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